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A day late and a dollar short….

Here I am in a nutshell…ha..that fits ’cause I most definitely am a nut:


It seems that if my own procrastination doesn’t get me, life will find a way to knock me behind. I made it back though, when so many things at this junction of my existence are getting lost in the dark, bleak abyss of depression I can’t seem to crawl my way out of. A day late a a dollar (or several thousand) short is, pathetically, progress.

Even though I didn’t make it to post, I did spend a large amount of the day pondering over what to post, where to start in the story of my life. Do I jump around, wandering off onto side notes attempting to explain an action or thought? Do I start from the begining and lead everyone on a traditional journey?  Do I offer a deeper peek into the whirlwind of a mind I have and type as I think? Yeah, that wouldn’t work because I would need more than one keyboard and a few extra sets of hands. There is NEVER just one train of thought in my noggin and the absence of music would mean I am dead. I saw a meme once that said something about life should have a soundtrack….well, mine does. Behind the jumbled mess of thoughts haphazardly flying around upstairs, there is always a song or two playing. It is actually nice, seeing as how I am a true music lover and abhor most of the crap they call music lately, to have symphonies and blues and jazz and big bands and country (real country, not this rapping country I have dubbed C-rap…crap) and more playing but at times, especially with someone who doesn’t understand the way my mind works, it can be aggravating because there is ALWAYS at LEAST one song per half conversation that I can’t help but start singing.  Sooooo, back from that side track, I have decided that a quick overview of me and how I tick may help for those who decide to stick around and find out how this story ends.

Here I am in a nutshell….ha..that fits ’cause I most definitely am a nut:

34 going on 85 some days and 5 on others. I am Southern Born and Southern Bred and absolutely love living in the Heart of Dixie. My Mom and Sister and a half brother are all the family I have left seeing as how my uncle is the spawn of satan and my dad’s side of the family never speak to us, haven’t really since Dad died in ’91 but flat out disappeared after Grandmother passed. All except for one cousin that truly tried her best to stay in contact but I was busy working 4 jobs and attempting to salvage a worthless relationship so her efforts died, which I understand. There is the awesome Aunt who proves that blood doesn’t always make you family, your heart is what matters. She has proven this more times than I can count !! I should have stayed in college and gotten a law degree or MD or something that would have made my mother proud but instead I decided that being a cop sounded like a great idea. I love my profession, well , I did. I am a chronic screw up and can work my ass off, achieve the highest of goals, be an exceptional employee and then BOOM I go and screw it all up and lose everything. That seems to be the way most everything I touch goes. God blessed me with intelligence, potential beyond most people’s expectations, talent in every category imaginable, but forgot to equip me with the follow through.

I am a kid at heart but have a corny,dry, and at times dark sense of humor that cause some to think I am a jerk buuuuut, my true friends love me for who I am and that is all that matters to me. Currently unemployed but looking and praying my online business takes off, I have squeezed all my turnips dry and seriously need to get back on track. Hell, I have not been without a job since I was 16..Technically 12 because I had 5 yards around Gadsden I cut every year from 12 to 21. My sweet and awesomely amazing grandfather (Dado_pronounced Dad-ew_for future reference) totes me around town and helped me cut, weedeat, blow, and trim bushes. Wow he was an amazing man that I miss SO MUCH ! Hopefully soon my story will prove to be one that will once again make him proud.


And so it begins…..

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit if she a’int 3 gallons of crazy in a 2 gallon bucket.

Well, at least I  hope it begins. You see, I have a sliiiight procrastination problem that I keep telling myself I am going to Fix. I have been pondering over this blog thing for MONTHS and with all the discarded titles,  designs, color schemes, etc. there is truly NO good reason for this to still be in the development stage. I still have not made a complete decision on exactly how to go about this adventure but I can promise this… it will NOT be a boring read! I dang sure have not led a boring or unblessed life. I have an awesome mother and sister, an absolutley AMAZING best friend, an ex that lives in one hell of a fantasy world, a current that has been one hell of a ride but worth Fighting for, and enough stories that will be 0% fabricated and still keep you coming back each day barely able to wait for the next “you’ve got to be Kidding me” or “what a dumb ass” or the occasional “awesome as all get out” moment. As they say down here in the good 0l Heart OF Dixie:

‘ Well better my butt and call me a biscuit if she a’int  3 gallons of crazy in a 2 gallon bucket.’

So, today I ponder a touch longer with the promise to myself that the procrastination ends tomorrow!! Well, technically it has just come to an end but tomorrow the real work begins.So, I leave you with this:

What doesn’t Kill you leaves you With one HELL of a story to tell.

Ladies and gents…boy do I have a story to tell !

See y ‘all tomorrow. Same bat time, Same bat channel. Y ‘all come back now, ya hear?